Our Leaders Speak: Freda Stolz

Freda Stolz is the VP-Human Resources at HGS-Canada. She has been with the organisation for over a year now. In a conversation with us, she reflects on aspects that set HGS apart from the rest.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I have an MBA and a degree in Communications, as well as an HR Executive designation. My experience extends across a variety of different industries and sectors, including manufacturing, food processing, and loyalty rewards. I think I am flexible and accustomed to working in diverse environments; most importantly, I am passionate about creating a workplace of choice where employees have the opportunity to contribute their best work, develop themselves professionally, know that they are having a positive impact and that they are having fun doing so.

At HGS, I have had to rely on all of my experience, and I continue to adapt my approach to responding to the challenges at hand.

Personally, how does HGS stand out as an employer for you?

HGS offers a very dynamic workplace where we are challenged every day to find innovative solutions in a constantly changing environment. I am forced to push myself to the limit and to think outside of the box to improve myself and the HR team’s results. I also have the opportunity to interact with a diverse and extremely dedicated group of people who will do everything possible to get the job done. As a result, I continue to learn every day, and I am thankful for the many wonderful people with whom I come into contact.

What are some key strengths you look for in prospective employees applying to HGS?

We welcome people who enjoy engaging with our callers and who derive satisfaction from resolving customer queries. The candidates who are most likely to succeed are those who demonstrate excellent listening skills, who are patient, who have strong technical competencies, and who also display the willingness to learn and grow.

What would be your message to candidates?

HGS offers one the possibility to learn new skills, develop their competencies, and grow as a professional. It also provides the chance to move into other roles within the company; many of our senior managers have progressed from within and have a long tenure with HGS. There is also a strong sense of family, the spirit of teamwork, and community involvement that is shared across our sites as well as with our work@home team.