Meet Trainer Sudha

In this series, our trainers share insights on how employees grow with HGS.

Tell us about your education & experience.

I am an Arts graduate. I have an experience of 8+ years in training and team handling in the telecom industry. I have handled both technical and product training. As a team coach, I have been managing a team of 15 to 25 members for 6+ years.

How do you make learning easy for new hires?

The client provides the training module. We conduct various activities to convey the required message to new hires because each trainee learns differently. We use methods like quizzes, chart work and e-learning. Many of them are team activities, so trainees also learn about our work culture.

What would be your message to candidates interested in customer service in the telecom sector?

Working in customer service for the telecom industry helps people develop their interpersonal skills. Qualities such as attentiveness, time management, clear commutation, positive language and goal-oriented focus can eventually become a part of your personality. So, not only does working in this field help you professionally, but it also transforms you as a person.

What is the key to your success?

Improving my abilities to overcome setbacks.

What is something about HGS that you highlight to trainees?

HGS teaches you a lot about customer service, coordination, patience and corporate culture. Over 90% of our job positions have been filled up through internal job postings (IJP). For example, I joined as a customer relations officer in the technical department, and got promoted through IJP as a trainer and moved to another service for the same client as a team coach. HGS gives plenty of opportunities to actively learn the work of various departments. The additional advantage is that HGS encourages employees to pursue higher education and the company covers a large part of the cost.

Growth defines who we are as an organisation. Over the years that we have been growing, we have made it a point to take our employees along. Work with us.