Meet Trainer Alicia

In this series, our trainers share insights on how employees grow with HGS.

Tell us about your education and experience.

I have a BSc in Dietetics and Nutrition from the University of Technology, Jamaica. I have worked very little in my field of study, but I have applied the knowledge in my training sessions for one of our healthcare accounts. I have been in the customer service industry for over two years, now.

What's an evergreen tip for your trainees?

One tip that I always pass on is to be receptive to information and to ask tons of questions. A closed mind will only make training harder than it needs to be. For the people who are interested to work in healthcare, I would say that they should try to read up on the topic as much as possible. There is endless content available on the internet. You have be open to learning new things because, at HGS, we make sure that we are learning continually.

At HGS, we take the effort to ensure that learning is a continuous process.

What about HGS do you share with your trainees?

I tell all my batches that HGS is a great place to start your career in customer service since we tend to look for talented people within, first. A majority of our promotions happens internally. HGS even trains people to help them upskill if that’s required.

How do you make learning easy for New Hires?

I tend to create associations for my trainees to understand the material better. I also relate the topics to things that they know so that they can understand the various complex healthcare topics.

What are you known for among your trainees?

I’m known as a knowledge bank by my trainees. Sometimes, they tease me that my super-power is knowing everything!

At HGS, we are always working on making our environment learning-friendly. Join us to flourish in your customer experience career.