Celebrating Young Achievers: Ramarla Bennett

In this series, we celebrate the GSAT achievements of our employees’ children, who are a part of our family by extension.

Rashema Gonzales-Bennett is one of our Learning & Development Officers at HGS Jamaica. Her daughter, Ramarla Bennett, recently completed the GSAT exams, graduating from St. Catherine’s Preparatory School.

To prepare for the exams, Ramarla attended evening classes for an hour every day since the beginning of the school year last September and classes from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. In February, closer to the exam dates, she also attended workshops on Sundays. Though she was very confident about her performance after the exam, she was reluctant to discuss it with anyone outside of the immediate family. Whenever she was asked about the exam, her composed response would be “It was okay” or “I’ll talk more about it after the results”.

This apprehension was justified because even though her exam average was a healthy 94%, she didn’t get placed at her first choice. While she felt she could have done more, her mother was quick to console and remind her of how proud the family was of her. After some research on its history and prestige, she is very excited about the journey awaiting her at St. Andrew High School for Girls.

Ramarla has big plans for the future. She is keen on becoming a lawyer and an entrepreneur. She plans to own and operate “Bennett’s Legal Clinic”.