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At HGS, our employees are an integral part of the One HGS family. Everyone, without exception, has abundant opportunities to learn and grow in their career. This aspect of the One HGS culture has encouraged many of our exited employees to come back to work with HGS. For the employees who have just left HGS, we are sorry to see you go. If you have any clarifications with the exit process, we have key information and corresponding contact details in the FAQ section.
Yes! If you are an exited employee and it has been more than three months since your exit, you can reapply to available jobs with us. However, your application will be subject to your performance history and attendance record.
Yes, you can! The candidate will be screened and interviewed according to our usual process. The referral is also subject to your employment record with us.
Termination pay is usually released in the regular payroll period. However, if we have entered into a Legal Settlement Agreement with you, you can expect payment between 14-21 days.
You can send in your queries to, or depending on your corresponding location.

You can gift your friends the experience of being in a great place to work! Check out our current openings and share the details with friends who are currently looking out.

If you have completed the 90-day cooling period after your exit and you want to re-join, drop us an email on with your contact details and HGS employee ID, and we’ll redirect you to the concerned team.


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