Meet Recruiter: Yanyan

In this series, our recruiters speak about all that it takes to be a part of Team HGS.

Tell us about your education and experience.

I have a degree in development communication from West Visayas State University. I have been working in recruitment for over two years now.

What are some must-have qualities you look for in candidates applying to HGS?

In my candidates, I look for excellent communication skills, determination to work and be a part of a team, and a knack for handling people.

What is your pro tip for potential candidates?

Never respond with short answers. If you do, you should also have a follow-up response to support it.

What is a question you never miss asking?

I always ask my candidates why they want to work with HGS. I think this is a great way to understand how they can fit into our work culture.

What about HGS do you share with your candidates?

We give everyone an opportunity for career growth. So many of our employees have stayed and grown with the organization.