Meet Recruiter: KC

In this series, our recruiters speak about all that it takes to be a part of Team HGS.

Tell us about your education and experience.

I have a bachelors in management from the University of the Philippines Visayas. I’ve been with HGS for about two years now, with one year of recruitment experience.

What are some must-have qualities you look for in candidates applying to HGS?

The first thing I look for in candidates is of course, how fit they are for the role. The second thing is their attitude. We place a high emphasis on our employees having the right approach towards work here.

What’s your pro-tip for candidates?

Love what you do and always aim for growth. This is a lesson I have learned here at HGS, and I’ve also seen proven results of this motto.

What is a question you never miss asking?

I always ask candidates about what qualifies as best customer service according to them.

What about HGS do you share with your candidates?

At HGS, hard work and results are always given their due recognition. We work together as one team and appreciate one another.