Our Leaders Speak: Abhilash RG

Abhilash RG is the head of our Chennai and Nagercoil centres. He has been with us for over 11 years now. He shares with us his HGS journey and insight on how one grows with us.

How has your journey with HGS been so far?

I joined HGS 11 years ago as a customer relations officer with minimal knowledge on IT, operations and even, language to an extent. Over the years, I built up my skills in communication, delegation and much more, leading me to my current role. The leaders and clients I have worked with helped me identify and build on my strengths and work around my weakness. I discovered a passion for analytics and data management. Today, I believe all this has been possible because of HGS, the culture, the opportunities offered to me, and all the people I have worked with. It is a matter of immense pride for me that I am heading operations in the site where my career began. 

According to you, what is the impact of your role?

When you’re in the customer service industry and operations, quality and customer satisfaction become a big part of the job, and I am keen on delivering both consistently. The client we work with has recognised me for my record of improving efficiency, productivity and profitability through process improvement and automation. However, I believe the more significant part of my work is driving my teams to perform up to their full potential on the floor, and also implementing methodologies that will impact their work-life balance positively. 

What are you popular for at the office?

I hope they know me as a good mentor and as someone who can approach a problem positively at all times. 

What would be your message for those looking for a career with HGS?

HGS believes respecting high performance, rewarding contributions, and recognising efforts at every level, without exception. The experience of learning in the organisation is unparalleled—be it from the business, clients, leaders, colleagues, partners or support functions. I believe this is what makes HGS a great place to work. We also care about having pride in our work. When I see my team doing their jobs with joy and love for the work, I get motivated to do the next best thing for them and myself. While we deal with data, it is the passion for our work that drives us.

Love for our work has sustained us for over four decades now, and it will continue to help us drive consistent results. Find your passion with us. Join us. 

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