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Business Excellence - Manager

Job Code : HGS/51
Quezon City

Job Description

Technical & Strategic

·         Able to run Speech and text analytic engine driving analytics practice team

·         Able to conduct analytics POCs (Proof-of-concept) for various domains

·         Able to analyze structure around unstructured data (phone calls, chats, emails, survey, social media)

·         Deliver quantifiable, actionable insight to clients using text, speech and data analytics

·         Perform analytical activities to enhance customer experience, improve Net promoter score, and drive operational efficiencies

·         Identify opportunities for Project management, Business Process Re-engineering & Business Analytics

·         Utilize quality tools to provide a comprehensive analysis of the quality metrics at an account level

·         Utilize advance analytics tools for data, text & speech to carry out improvement projects

·         Explore industry best practices in data analysis and apply in Operational use

·         Gather project requirement and perform GAP analysis

·         Designing project plans and functional design documents for Advanced analytics

·         Identify opportunities to enable other functions achieve strategic goals through business excellence

·         Build a culture of thought leadership and critical thinking across the BE & Operations

·         Manage Business Transformation and Process Re-engineering activities

·         Train and mentor teams on thought leadership and strategic skills

·         Facilitate change management, performance evaluation & facilitating diverse learning


Team Management:

·         Capability to train and conduct workshops in Six Sigma, Kaizens, Lean training etc

·         Coordinate with the senior management team members to drive change and improvement

·         Reward & recognize the excellent performers in the team

·         Review team performance

·         To drive quality culture in the process & make quality as a way of life

·         Contribute towards overall team development by regular updates to the team on any new quality tools etc

·         Motivate team members and ensure minimal attrition



Process Orientation & Operations Management

·         Increase in Contractual Compliance performance

·         Adherence to Transition tollgate review process

·         Planning & coverage of Certifications/ Audits

·         Self-Assessment Implementation and coverage

·         CSAT Action plans tracking, validation & baselining

·         Improvement in BE ICSAT score

·         Increase in number of Continuous Improvement project implementation


Performance against Budgets / Targets

·         Costs saved, new revenue generated out of process improvement, faster turnaround & efficiency improvement

·         Cost saved by driving process improvement resulting to penalty saving at program level


Strategic Business Planning & Execution

·         Implement Interaction Analytics service

·         Expansion of existing Transformation Service - e.g. Self Service

·         Project planning & implementation


General Safety and Security

·         Protects the organization’s assets by upholding the principles of the Quality Information Security Management System (QISMS).

·         Ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information critical to fulfilling the organization’s business functions.

·         Ensure compliance with HIPAA and contractual obligations of the client at all the times. Handle privacy breaches and security lapses in coordination with the Privacy officer



·         Trained or Certified Analytics practitioner in any NICE, VERINT, NEXIDIA, CLARABRIDGE, IBM platform

·         Microsoft Access, MS PowerPoint, Minitab

·         BB trained with high impacting/Strategic CI savings project underway in same stage of DMAIC cycle

·         Able to establish, implement and continuously improve the quality information security policies assigned to him / her

·         Able to establish structures and procedures to protect classified information

·         Able to report information security related incidents without any delay to the proper authorities

·         Able to participate during training, orientation and awareness programs pertaining to QISMS & HIPAA

Work Environment

·         Libis, Quezon City

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