Stories @ HGS: Cristina

Cristina is a shift manager with HGS Philippines. She has been with us for more than a decade now. She shares with us her HGS growth story.

HGS: How has the journey with so far?

Cristina: Ten years ago, I joined HGS as a customer service representative. Within a year, I was presented the opportunity to move to a quality analyst role. Then, I moved to operations as a team leader. Within the next two years, there was an expansion of the program and the role of shift manager opened up. I grabbed the opportunity, and now, I’m continuing in that role.

It has been a great ride! There have been many learnings, adding to the overall satisfaction I feel about my time with HGS. All the people I have met and interacted with are now integral parts of my life today. That feeling of working with good relationships at the work place is special. I consider myself lucky to have found it.

HGS: What about HGS has made you stay?

Cristina: So many aspects about HGS are unmatched in the current atmosphere. There are abundant opportunities for career advancement. They even support your training and upskilling needs, as relevant to the next role of your interest. 

What sets HGS apart is it's family-like work culture. 

More importantly, HGS’ culture is the biggest sell for employees. I have worked in several BPOs before I joined HGS and there is a stark difference in how people are treated here. When I had just joined, I felt like I found my second home and my family!

At HGS, a key element of our culture is recognizing the contributions of our employees to our fast-paced growth story. Join us for a rewarding career in customer service.