Stories @ HGS: Trasil Trabasas

Trasil Trabasas is one of our team leaders in HGS Philippines. He has been with us for four years now. He shares with us his HGS experience:

My life with HGS started after I graduated my bachelor’s degree in 2015. I remembered what my father told me two months after I graduated, “So what are your plans now? I believe it’s time for you to look for a job, and help your mother and me with our expenses considering you have three brothers who are still studying,” he said. I had supported myself through college, so I felt like I needed a break. But my father was right, and life for my family wasn't easy at the time. My parents don't have permanent jobs that can sustain my siblings through school. HGS was my first choice for a job because I had heard from one of my friends that it's a growing organization that is very competitive and offers fresh graduates a plethora of opportunities. 

The only experience I had in the BPO industry at the time I was applying was from being a sales agent while in college at one of the leading BPO companies in Iloilo. So, when I first walked into the office, I was nervous about whether I had the skills for a customer service professional. My family motivated me through the entire process. In my first four months on the production floor, I struggled because the process was quite different from my previous experience--back-office work and outbound calls. It got better in six months. I soon found out that I could earn incentives with improved performance. In my second year, I was recognized as the top agent for every quarter. But what felt even better was when my brother completed his bachelor's degree because of my contribution.

When internal job posts opened up, I applied for the quality analyst role, but I didn't get through. Another trainer position didn't come through either. A few months later, a team leader role was posted, but they froze hiring due to staffing reasons. When it opened up again a few weeks later, I felt it was a sign. I did well in the interview basing my answers from my experience on the floor, and I got through. I think I have been trusted with the role because of my determination for our collective growth. I couldn't have proved myself without the help and support of my superiors. 

I've been with HGS for three years now, and I've been a team leader for a year. I'm also currently taking up Law in one of the most prominent universities here in Iloilo. I am supporting two of my brothers in their studies; one has taken up nursing, and the other is in junior high school. In the context of my situation, I consider HGS a blessing in disguise. HGS has molded me into the person that I am today, and I will always be grateful for the belief my colleagues and supervisors have had in me. 

HGS sets us up for success when we bring to the table the hunger for learning, the determination to improve, and perseverance.

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