Meet Recruiter: James

In this series, our recruiters speak about all that it takes to be a part of Team HGS.

1. What are some must-have qualities you look for in candidates applying to HGS?

My chief criteria for selection are a positive attitude, spirit of teamwork, whether they are goal-oriented, flexibility, creativity, and integrity.

2. What would be your top tip for applicants?

Do your research on both the company and the brand you are applying for.

Research on both HGS and the role applied for, is key.

3. What is a question you never miss asking?

“What do you think is required on a call to provide a good customer experience?” It’s one of those questions that give insight into the nature of the applicants, so it’s one of my favourites.

5. What do you tell candidates about the culture at HGS?

HGS is a fun and friendly work environment. You should join us and find out for yourself.