Celebrating Young Achievers: Tavon

In this series, we celebrate the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) achievements of our employees’ children, who are a part of our family by extension.

Tamar Billings is a Brand Advocate at HGS Jamaica. Her son, Tavon recently passed out of St. Catherine Preparatory.

Tavon was quite relaxed but at the same time really excited to tackle his exams. Prepared students always look forward to tests, after all. He loves to learn new things so he was constantly preparing for exams. As such when it was time to sit the actual exam he was armed and ready. The PEP has replaced the GSAT exams as the national secondary school placement test. It is unique with several tests focusing on application.

Through it all, Tamar Billings was excited and nervous for her son. Yet, she was confident that he would come out with flying colours because he is a confident and intelligent individual.

Tavon will be attending Kingston College. As for his future plans, he is dedicated to pursuing the role of either a bank owner or entrepreneur. We’re sure whatever he decides, he will go far!