5 Common Questions at Interviews with HGS & How to Answer Them

Interviews are one of those situations where first impressions are everything, but despite the pressure, you can do well. At HGS, we are always on the look-out for fresh talent. Our concern doesn’t just end with our employees; it also extends to you, our prospective employees. Here are a few pointers on how you can win in interviews with us, with exceptional answers. 

Question: What qualifies as excellent customer experience according to you?
Answer: Empathy has a large impact on the delivery in the customer service industry. With this question, our recruiters can gauge your understanding of the role, and will also get insight into the extent of your emotional intelligence. Here is where you get to cite from experience when you were at the receiving end of excellent customer service. So, remember instances from your experience that tie up with the role.

Question: How open are you to change?
Answer: Today, the industry is one such where evolving technologies are closely tied in with the manner of delivery. As a result, the work environment is time-sensitive and dynamic. At HGS, we have several processes that go through frequent upgrades and everyone in operations will need to keep up with the modifications. If you are highly adaptable, that makes you one of our top picks for open roles. 

Question: What makes you the best fit for the role?
Answer: Everyone who’s looking for a job knows how competitive the selection process can be. Since every individual is unique, everyone brings their own set of strengths to the table. Your skills will be compared to those of other candidates and our recruiters will want to know how your set of skills are better suited for the role than anyone else’s. All that is on you is making a convincing argument that you are well prepared for the job, because of your strengths. 

Question: What do you aspire for in your career?
Answer: Aspiration by itself is not one of our hiring criteria, but it does let our recruiters know if you have thought about your career path. In a small way, the question also reflects on your drive to learn. At HGS, we believe learning is a continuous process that has no end. Our work environment fosters up-skilling, empowerment and thereby, innovation. So, think of an answer for where you will be four years down the line. You would instantly become a strong candidate.

Question: Do you prefer working alone or in a team?
Answer: The answer to this question helps our recruiter understand how you will fit in with the HGS culture. Around the world, we work as one global team. Teamwork plays a crucial function in how we continue to grow as an organisation. So, if you are a team player, that’s a huge plus. If you prefer working alone, but you are open to working as a team, you will be picked because you are open to change, interested in learning, and have the potential to working well with a team. 

We hope these pointers help you in your upcoming job interviews. Of course, you’re always welcome at the local HGS site near you; you can look up our current openings.