HGS Work@Home Stories: Antoinette

Antoinette is a quality analyst at HGS Jamaica. She shares her experience of working from home, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

HGS: What about working from home do you like the most when it comes to your role?

Antoinette: My favourite thing about working from home is that I’m more relaxed and can come up with innovative ideas to meet my targets. It also helps that I can fix myself my favourite dishes – ramen and boiled eggs, for example!

HGS: Tell us about one impactful moment at work you have experienced recently.

Antoinette: I had a brand advocate who was not meeting targets, so I invested in coaching her more frequently and giving her individualised attention. I got great returns as she started to meet targets and perform extremely well. I also notice that she applied the knowledge and skills gained from our sessions, which was rewarding for me.

HGS: What is something new that you have learnt at work recently?

Antoinette: I’ve learnt how much the support given by my colleagues normally helps me get the through the workday. Working from home, I’m learning to be my own support system.

HGS: How is HGS helping you virtually at work?

Antoinette: One of the biggest things we had on floor were the engagement sessions with the energy team. Now, the team is very active virtually and has been amazing with their outreach to our team. There is no change in how motivated and happy the advocates are after these sessions, even though we aren’t on premises.

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