Déclaration sur la COVID-19 – HGS s’efforce d’assurer la sécurité et le bien-être de ses employés et des communautés dans lesquelles elle exerce ses activités. Nous comprenons que la situation évolue rapidement et nous travaillons sans cesse avec les gouvernements locaux de même qu’avec nos agents, en vue d’aider à les maintenir en poste en assurant la transition de nos employés vers un milieu de travail à domicile pour pouvoir soutenir nos clients des secteurs des services essentiels. Pour ceux qui ne sont pas en mesure de travailler à domicile, nous nous assurons que les directives de distanciation physique sont respectées sur nos lieux de travail.

Remarque : toutes les nouvelles embauches seront faites virtuellement et nos postes annoncés auront trait à un travail à domicile pour le moment.

Melissa is a lead quality analyst at HGS Jamaica. She shares her experience of working from home, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

HGS: What about working from home do you like the most when it comes to your role?

Melissa: I enjoy being able to video call my quality analysts to check in and provide feedback. Regular calls and emails are good for communicating but for me, video calls are more effective as I can gauge their facial expressions and body language. From that, I can know if they understand the feedback, if I need to explain it further or try a different approach altogether. I’m also enjoying starting my day with a good breakfast of cornflakes and milk – I don’t even have to rush through it because of commute now!

HGS: Tell us about one impactful moment at work you have experienced recently.

Melissa: I think working from home comes with its own set of pros and cons. Sure, there can be challenges related to connectivity and power outages, but we are able to deal with them with consistent support and coordination from the support teams.

HGS: What is something new that you have learnt at work recently?

Melissa: I’ve learnt how important communication is especially when working from home. Even the smallest gap in communication can create chaos.

HGS: How is HGS helping you virtually at work?

Melissa: I find the COVID-19 updates from our communications team very useful. The COVID-19 dashboards have helped me stay up to date with the confirmed cases and recoveries in the island, and the tips in the HGS lifestyle emails are also very useful both at work as well as at home. I'm even able to pass on good hygiene practices to my siblings whenever they come to visit.

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