Déclaration sur la COVID-19 – HGS s’efforce d’assurer la sécurité et le bien-être de ses employés et des communautés dans lesquelles elle exerce ses activités. Nous comprenons que la situation évolue rapidement et nous travaillons sans cesse avec les gouvernements locaux de même qu’avec nos agents, en vue d’aider à les maintenir en poste en assurant la transition de nos employés vers un milieu de travail à domicile pour pouvoir soutenir nos clients des secteurs des services essentiels. Pour ceux qui ne sont pas en mesure de travailler à domicile, nous nous assurons que les directives de distanciation physique sont respectées sur nos lieux de travail.

Remarque : toutes les nouvelles embauches seront faites virtuellement et nos postes annoncés auront trait à un travail à domicile pour le moment.

Liz is one of our outbound advisors at HGS UK. She shares with us her experience of working from home, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

HGS: What do you like the most about working from home and carrying out your role?

Liz: I’m getting used to the quiet from working by myself at home, though I do miss the bustle of being at the office. My team and make up by conversing on group chats frequently.

HGS: Tell us about one impactful moment whilst working from home that you have experienced recently.

Liz: I have received calls from some senior women customers who haven’t gotten a chance to meet anyone for almost 12 weeks or so, as a result of staying at home. They just wanted to have a chat with someone, and I’m glad to have offered them that support in these difficult circumstances. Being by ourselves at home can get a little lonely for us all.

HGS: What is something new that you have learnt at work recently?

Liz: Well, I guess we are all learning to get used to working from home and away from our teams. Working from home has helped me get innovative about achieving my goals to support our business. When we think about it, it is just a matter of common sense and this approach has helped me deal with whatever challenges have come up during work recently.

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