Stories @ HGS: Shoukath Ali Mohammed

Shoukath Ali Mohammed is a deputy manager in our training team at HGS India. He has been with HGS for over five years now. He shares with us his experience and growth story at HGS.

HGS: How has the journey been so far?

Shoukath: It’s been fantastic! Even after all these years, it feels the same as my first day at HGS. Over the years, policies, people and processes might have changed but the employee-centricity remains unshaken. I started my career with HGS—my very first job. I started out as a customer relationship officer, moved up to the role of a subject matter expert and then, team leader. After that, I moved into training. Currently, I am the training manager at one of our sites.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about collaboration and teamwork. I have also gotten the chance to see my work’s impact on the organizational growth and even the individual growth of my trainees.

HGS: What motivates you at HGS?

Shoukath: HGS has helped me accomplish a lot in my career so far and this motivates me to work harder and reach greater heights. I believe personally, that if you following your passion and doing something you love, there is no limit to your growth. Work hours pass like a breeze, when you are engaged and learning constantly.

HGS: What about your job do you like best?

Shoukath: As a trainer, my job revolves around researching new training methods and materials, identifying training needs and a lot of communication. What I like best is the opportunity to meet and interact with so many people in the course of my work. HGS is a workplace where the atmosphere is welcoming of your views and ideas. This encourages everyone to be themselves in office.   

HGS: What are you popular for in the office?

Shoukath: Possibly for my attitude, being a source of motivation and my eye for detail. My team also knows my keen interest for food and photography, from our external activities.

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