Stories @ HGS: Avishek

Avishek is a customer service advisor at HGS-UK. He has been with us for a year now. He shares with us his experience at HGS.

HGS: How has the journey been so far?

Avishek: Great! I joined HGS because I felt like it would fit well with my previous job in customer service. There’s a lot I have learnt in this time, not only specific to the process but also other aspects that have enabled me to deliver better. HGS offers immense help and support to help us perform and give our best on the job. 

HGS: What is your personal development goal in your current position?

Avishek: I would want to excel further in my role. I would also like to switch to a different role within the company later on, to learn more about our business.

HGS offers immense support to help us perform on the job.

HGS: From what you observe, what is the impact of your role?

Avishek: My role is to help resolve issues for customers as much as possible. The obvious impact is the customers’ satisfaction with our resolution. I can make someone’s day and it’s an amazing feeling.

HGS: What would you say to someone looking for a career with HGS?

Avishek: HGS encourages you to take initiative and offers help wherever you may need it. This makes you more confident as a professional and the whole experience of working here is positive. I would recommend anyone looking out for a job to join HGS.

At HGS, we believe in facilitating a work environment that can help every employee reach their full potential. Join us to work in a collaborative and inspiring workplace.

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