Stories @ HGS: Ramesh Appunu

Ramesh Appunu is a manager in the Talent Acquisition team in HGS India. He has been with us for over five years now. He shares with us his experience here:

How has your journey with HGS been so far?

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the organisation has become digitised when it comes to several internal processes, and people have also been very adaptive to these changes. I started my career with HGS in the training team and then became a SPOC for Talent Acquisition projects from the Operations side. Soon after, I was working in Talent Acquisition, full-time. During my time here, I have learnt to pick my battles.

Tell us a little about your job.

I interact with a variety of our stakeholders—candidates, clients, business partners—as part of my job. My favourite part is getting the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life, and learn from them.

What motivates you at HGS?

My work here comes with its challenges daily. These challenges have helped me grow as a professional. Today, I am capable of facing any difficulty head-on. My team and I share a great bond, which shows in our work. That’s another great motivator. HGS, as an organisation, has a very employee-friendly atmosphere that encourages one to learn and grow holistically. All these factors make working here a delight.

What are you popular for at the office?

I hope, for my people management skills, positive attitude, and my funny skits.

At HGS, work-life is a balance of KRAs, fun activities, and giving back to the community. Let’s grow together. Join us.