Stories @ HGS: Keerthi Prasad

Keerthi Prasad is one of our assistant managers in operations with HGS India. He has been with us for over 12 years now. He shares with us his experiences at HGS:

How has the journey been so far?

It has been great. What has been stark is the way we could see the organisation grow, and how we were able to grow with it. With the new businesses that have come in, I see how we have all grown into different roles simultaneously. I had joined as an agent, and I was promoted to team lead in one and a half years, with the opportunity to manage a team. After five years, today as assistant manager, I am heading a process.

What motivates you at HGS?

Many things, actually. My team and my seniors are a constant source of inspiration. The multiple challenges that come with the job are another source of motivation, because of the learnings they bring. Above all, the environment here enables opportunity at all levels to hone your skills, pick up new skills and develop both as a professional and an individual. Personally, HGS has helped me identify measurable goals for myself and enhance my capabilities to achieve them.

What are you popular for in the office?

When it comes to working, I believe I am good with feedback and coaching my team members to quantify results. I also enjoy engaging with people. 

At HGS, we have realised that in the right environment, every individual can grow into their full potential. Join our winning team in our journey of growth.