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Stories @ HGS: Jade Brook

Jade Brook is one of our deputy team managers in HGS UK. She has been with us for nearly three years now. She shares with us her growth trajectory at HGS:

How has your journey with HGS been so far?

It has been phenomenal! My steep learning curve is one of the things I love about working here. There have been countless opportunities to learn and grow, and I believe I have made use of every one of them. Recently, I have been successful in the role of deputy team manager, thanks to the new skills I have picked up through training and support. The biggest takeaway in my time here so far would be analysing a situation holistically, considering both logical and personal impact. 

What would be the elements that have helped you grow?

I would say the opportunity to handle some of the operations, such as workshops for specific role requirements like Coach the Coach and Return to Work. Sampling other roles within the business like recruitment interviews and the HR process has also helped me with the business perspective. Of course, I couldn’t have come to manage a team without the support of my peers and superiors. Everyone works as one team to ensure delivery for the client. The people are the reason many of us choose to stay with HGS. All of these cumulatively have helped me grow as a professional.

According to you, what is the impact of your role?

My work is impactful to my team because I add value through support, motivation and guidance.

What would you say to someone looking for a career within HGS? 

I would tell prospective or new hires that HGS is a great place to work because it provides one opportunities to learn, grow and shine every day.

At HGS, we make sure that no one is left behind in our growth journey as an organisation. Join us to make an impact in the world.