Stories @ HGS: Bhagyalakshmi Bheemireddy

Bhagyalakshmi is a process consultant who helps clients with processing bills in the healthcare sector at HGS. She has been working at HGS for over a year, joining straight out of college with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Bhagyalakshmi had heard from a friend that HGS was a good place to grow and that there were openings. After undergoing training for about a month and a half, she was placed in her process. “Work seemed difficult in the beginning, both in training and after. We had targets and our outputs had to be error-free,” she says when asked about the experience with her first job.

A year since, Bhagyalakshmi has received the award for reaching well beyond her target with one hundred percent quality of work, for two consecutive months. “I got a lot of support and guidance from my colleagues and my team leader along the way. Everyone is extremely helpful and understanding here. Team spirit means everything, and we see it even outside of work. For example, we won the recent cricket match.” One can hear pride and the comradery she shares with her colleagues in her voice as she says this. Her favourite part of the job is interacting with clients and simultaneously, exceeding the set target. This way, even as she is working towards a larger objective, she is still able to pay full attention to each client individually.

“My goal is to become a team leader. The criteria for rewards and recognition give me a concrete plan to action. I know the ultimate consequence of performance awards is promotion, so I want to work towards that,” says Bhagyalakshmi when asked about her plans for the future.

The larger team comprises of three sub-teams, each about 15 members strong. In her sub-team, Bhagyalakshmi is one of three women, though there is a balanced ratio in the entire team. “My sub-team feels so much like family that discrimination of any kind does not even enter the picture. We all show one another a lot of respect, and we do not hesitate to help a teammate who is in trouble,” she says while explaining the dynamics at work. Bhagyalakshmi hails from Andhra Pradesh. Her team is a balanced mix of Kannada, Tamil and Telugu speakers. She has even picked up a little Kannada from some of them.

Bhagyalakshmi and her colleagues work hard and have fun in equal parts. “We participate in all the ER activities that are conducted at work. We play games, sing, and have potlucks often. We just need an excuse,” she says laughingly.

Process consultants work with high targets that are time-specific and have rotational shifts, sometimes at night to match geographical time differences. They strike a perfect work-life balance, even as they deliver consistently. This is the truest embodiment of the HGS spirit.

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