Our Leaders Speak: Jill

Jill is an assistant operations manager at HGS Canada. She has been with us for a little more than ten years now. In a conversation with us, she reflects on aspects that make HGS stand out as an employer.

HGS: How has your journey with HGS been so far?

Jill: HGS has allowed me to explore a career here. I started out on the phones and got promoted to the chat support team as a subject matter expert. Then, I moved into a team leader role which I held for five years. Now, I'm assisting the Timmins site as an assistant operations manager. The growth has been fantastic. I have also traveled to help set up the Belleville and Barrie sites. It has been rewarding to be recognized as the best team leader in the P3 Pursuit. My family has also grown up as part of the HGS family because of their involvement in several Engage initiatives. It has created for them a better understanding of what I do every day—they respect and encourage me all the time.

HGS: According to you, what is the impact of your role?

Jill: The amazing leadership team has shuffled a lot in the last few years but one thing remains. When anyone shows interest in moving up, their ambition is embraced. People make my day every day with words of encouragement, sharing best practices and checkups that ensure I am on the right path.

As the assistant operations manager, I help lead the leaders to create a positive work environment to foster the One HGS culture. While I have team leader responsibilities, I am also a go-to person to help my operations manager. My stakeholders are the agents on the floor as much as the leaders. When the operations manager is on a break from work, I am the next point of contact for everyone on the floor.

Sometimes the agents seek me out to sit and listen to calls with their team leaders, and it feels great that they're so welcoming.

HGS: What would be your message for those looking for a career with HGS?

Jill: If you genuinely want to progress your career, be up front and talk to your team leader. Team leaders are excited when someone says they are interested to grow. They will share what has happened for them and maybe even allow you to see some behind the scenes reporting, systems and tools. They may even recommend shadowing and offer the facilitation of that.

Remember that leading in all the offline roles requires the ability to lead by example. That means being reliable, responsible, and eager to reach your goals. I recommend learning as much as you can while you do the time on the phone lines and it will reflect in the work you do. Starting out with that is a huge benefit to your career and it helps everyone to guide you.

At HGS, many of our leaders have started on the phones, now handling entire accounts and processes. They’re invested in helping others grow in this organization.