COVID-19 Statement - HGS is working to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees in the communities we operate. We understand that this is a rapidly changing situation, and are continually working with the local Government along with our agents to help keep them employed by moving our employees to a work@home environment to support our essential service business clients. For those who are not able to work from home, adhering to the social distance directives within our site.

Note:- All new hiring will take place virtually, and our advertised positions will be for work@home for the foreseeable future


Meet Trainer Claudia

In this series, our trainers share insights into how employees grow with HGS.

HGS: Tell us about your education and experience.

Claudia: I graduated in May 2017 from Aurora University with a marketing degree.  Since then, I have been working in the sales field. I came to HGS in April 2018, and I’ve been extremely lucky to quickly advance within the organization

HGS: What’s a pro-tip you would share with those attending your training sessions?

Claudia: My tips for potential trainees:

  1. During training, absorb as much as you can about the organization, your team and role, and other nuances.
  2. Don’t forget to enjoy training. It’s the period for icebreakers and getting to know everyone. Make the most of it.
  3. Give us trainers back as much as we give you. Learning is never a one-way street.

HGS: What about HGS do you share with your trainees?

Claudia: In my sessions, I always mention that there are endless possibilities for all of our client accounts at HGS. If you show up with a positive attitude and willingness to help and learn, you can go extremely far in this company. Also, you will not find a better group of people and support systems to work with than us!

HGS: What are you known for among your trainees?

Claudia: My trainees know me for always trying to liven up class and making it as interactive as possible. I work on pulling everyone out of their comfort zones in my sessions, based on their learning styles. This helps me build a relationship with each of my trainees. I believe adapting training to whoever you have in the seats is extremely important, as we look to make the training work for everyone.

With the specific client I work for, things are constantly changing. So we as trainers are learning on the go, as well. Every day, I come into training prepared to be surprised by something, and that’s a great feeling!