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Note:- All new hiring will take place virtually, and our advertised positions will be for work@home for the foreseeable future


Meet Recruiter: Iana

In this series, our recruiters speak about all that it takes to be a part of Team HGS.

1. Tell us about your education and experience.

I am a graduate of BS Psychology with a major in Industrial Psychology from St. Paul University, Quezon City. I started my career in HGS as an HR sourcing intern and eventually, joined as a sourcing associate for nine months. Later, I became a recruitment associate for all CET/Technical Accounts in Quezon City doing end-to-end recruitment. After three years, I got promoted to a sourcing specialist. My role involves making sure my team meets their daily target and coaching them where necessary.

2. What are some must-have qualities you look for in candidates applying to HGS?

Personally, I tend to choose candidates with the right attitude for the job.

In every candidate, I look for perseverance, commitment, and love for their job. Personally, I don’t hire based on skill alone. Given a choice, I will pick attitude over aptitude any day. After all, attitude cannot be taught.

3. What would be your top tip for potential candidates?

I would tell potential candidates that they should be flexible, have integrity, and be dependable and goal-oriented because those are the core things that every employer is looking for.

4. What is a question you never miss asking?

I always ask candidates why I should hire them and what they have over other candidates applying for the same post. I also check their knowledge about the position they're interested in to see if they prepared.

5. What do you tell your candidates about the culture at HGS?

HGS has a fun working environment. The organization takes great care of its employees and appreciates everyone. We all work here as a team.

6. What's a fun fact about you?

I don't quit easily. I'm also a people's person. Something that makes my day is when those I hired thank me for helping them get the job. It’s very fulfilling to see that they appreciate me as their recruiter, and they're happy with their stay at HGS.