Impact of Learning and Development at HGS

By Mary Swaroopa, Deputy Manager-OD & PM, HGS India

Training presents vast opportunities for employees to diversify their skill set, but it can also be perceived as expensive in terms of time and productivity by most organizations.

At HGS, the Organizational Development & Performance Management (OD & PM) team has seen a sea change in the last five years technically. We have moved from manual collection of feedback for pieces of training to a blended learning approach where the feedback and efficacy are received through an online tool. 

The OD & PM team aims to work in coordination with business goals and deliverables. We do this through a range of methods to enhance the skills and potential of employees. There are multiple connects with business heads to identify training needs. There is also a process to elicit feedback from employees and measure the efficacy of the training online. These methods are successfully enabling us to gear up for success collectively.

Our observed outcomes as a result of the training process have been these:

Improved employee performance: Training gives employees a greater understanding of their responsibilities within their role, and in turn, build their confidence. This has helped us churn out confident employees on the floor. Of course, it has impacted our revenues, but on an operational level, we have people who are consistently raising the bar.

Improved employee satisfaction and morale: We see in all our training sessions a bond that forms among trainees. There begins the culture of support and teamwork. Employees also gain access to the training they wouldn’t have otherwise known about or sought out themselves. Employees who feel appreciated and challenged through training opportunities feel more satisfaction toward their jobs.

Gaps addressed: Our training programs foster the spirit of teamwork and the culture of support and proactiveness. Employees learn to step in where they are required to for contingency. Not only are they capable of working independently, but they are also in tune with all that is happening around them. 

The approach to training at HGS is holistic. We prioritize the individual's goals as much as the organization's, and the result is our tight-knit and engaged 42,000+ global team. Join us.