Celebrating Young Achievers: Rassaune Matthews

In this series, we celebrate the GSAT achievements of our employees’ children, who are a part of our family by extension.

Kadi-Ann Ross is a Team Lead with one of our accounts in HGS Jamaica. Her daughter, Rassaune, recently passed her GSAT exams, graduating from Southborough Primary School.

Rassaune was very focused during her preparation. As her mother was at work, she did most of her prep on her own. She studied on weekends and completed all her assignments without any prompting. Her teachers describe her as very hardworking and intrinsically motivated. Rassaune’s efforts followed through in her results. She is set to attend Merl Grove High School, and she is excited about it. Her mother is incredibly proud of her performance and elated that she likes her new school.

Rassaune aspires to be a lawyer in the US military when she grows up. No matter what she chooses, she’ll always make Kadi-Ann proud.