Celebrating Young Achievers: Mo’Nique Thomas

In this series, we celebrate the GSAT achievements of our employees’ children, who are a part of our family by extension.

Carrol-Lee Bonnick is a Team Lead with one of our accounts in HGS Jamaica. Her daughter, Mo’Nique, recently completed her GSAT exams. She has graduated from the Duhaney Park Primary School.

The exam period was quite a stressful time for Mo’Nique. There were several late nights of studying and completing homework assignments, practising on the EduFocal online portal, going to extra lessons and attending weekend classes. She recounts that it felt so good after the exams that she wondered why she was even worried in the first place. She was a little disappointed for not getting her first choice of school. Nonetheless, she is content with her results and has made her mother proud.

Mo’Nique intends to follow in her brother’s footsteps and conquer high school. She will be attending Meadowbrook High School. In the future, she plans to pursue a career either in healthcare or education.